It aches me to say this especially during the holidays, but although I love my family, I greatly dislike them. Here I am visiting them for a couple of weeks, and I already want to go home after a few days. I cannot stand to be around them. I love you mom, but I dislike you. You embarrass me. You are unintelligent, rude, a pig, a disgusting eater, annoying, a whiner, and you made my childhood lonely and unpleasant because of your selfishness and paranoia. I dread my weekly conversations with you when we are apart. I do not talk to you because I want to, I talk to you because it is a chore. And to my sister, you are the most selfish, vapid, and superficial person that I know. The world does not revolve around you, but you think it does, and hence, you made my childhood a living hell because of this. Now you both seem nice, and wonder why I do not involve myself much. I really do not want to, the damage is done. l love you two, and will always want the best for you both, but I do not want to be around either one you. I would not mind living across the globe and not seeing either one of you two for years. Every time I go "home" I always slip back into depression and drink more. Neither one of you is healthy for me. I do not know how I am going to last another two weeks being in the same house as you, but hopefully, I can do it without going insane. I want to go to my home, be alone, and be away from you two. If anyone else has the same feeling, you are not alone.