I've seen squirrels dead on the street, as I am sure we all have. I've seen possums completely obliterated, raccoons destroyed beyond all recognition, a crow murdered, hawks hit, pigeons pummeled and every now and then, a poor little kitty killed. But, I've never seen a chicken all smushed up on a city street. I don't know why, but the thought got into my head about a week ago and it just didn't leave. I wanted/needed to see a chicken on the street, perhaps to make a statement, I don't know. And I ain't talking about a real chicken- I'm talking store bought and already dead. So, after buying a whole chicken last night, I threw it on the middle of a busy street that I drive. Today, there it was: a smashed chicken carcass, all squished with crows picking bits and pieces of its meat off the street. It was weird, to see something so unusual on the asphalt. What was most intriguing was the reason why it was strange simply because it's a chicken and not some urban 'wild' animal. We humans are selective in our sense of caring, aren't we? If it's ever on our dinner table, then we don't want to see it on the street. I'm almost looking forward to tomorrow, after this rain and with more cars and crows slowly taking away every bit of this poor chicken away. It really makes you think... it really does.