I'm so fucking excited about this new trend I see on the road now: people driving with their fog lights on all the time. Motherfuckers, if I have to get blinded by another asshole using their bright ass fog lights, I'm going to lose it. How many days do we have actual fog in this town, like 3? I hate these simpleminded city dwellers, who don't think about their actions. You people do know that you can turn off these fucking lights, right? Are you that fucking dumb? Remove that massive triple patty burger out of your mouth, take that sweaty paw of yours and turn off your fucking fog lights when there's not fog. The way people are nowadays, they probably take pleasure in the blinding of others, so what's the point of complaining about it? Nothing's going to change, it'll only get worse, as more and more dumb fucks move here from wherever they come from. You dumb fucks.