Fog Light Fucks


Generally, a car's fog lamps are aimed downward. Fog lamps aimed up or straight out (i.e. into the fog) would not work. The focus of the beam should never be high enough to hit another car, let alone another driver's eyes. What you are seeing are not fog lights.
There is a teeny, tiny, little hole in the lens of car lamps. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone EVER pour gasoline inside those holes.
Oof, I was going to thank you for getting that dumbass video off the top of the page, but then you seriously fucked up.

"So what's the point of complaining about it?"

Uh.... yeah, good question. One you're not supposed to be asking while submitting a very deliberate complaint to a complaint blog!!

People have seriously been abusing I, A lately. Claiming posts in the comments, asking us why you're complaining while complaining, moderators deleting my strait-up funny jabs at them instead of just replacing them with a MESSAGE DELETED: I MIGHT DISH IT OUT BUT I SURE CAN'T TAKE A JOKE or some such.

Outraged. I am..... sorry, what was I talking about?
I concur! Every time by boyfriend borrows my car, he uses the foglights- and I realize I'm with the asshole using foglights in the city. SHAME ON YOU, FOGLIGHTERS.
"new trend on the road"

New? Sure if you're a goddamn 16 year old. That blinding light is more than likely the "high beam" function via head lights.

"Fog lights" are usually (janky) affixed lower lights on vehicles for people who live in rural areas of little evening light.

Either way, the people who use them when not needed are indeed fuckers. Usually really short ones in big trucks....
"Fog Light Fucks"- the new name of my band.
Enough with the fucking band names!

Anyway, it sounds more like a Beck lyric.

Nice fucking mustache, BTW.
Wow, you are creepy... stalking people online, Slappy, Geo... whatever your name is. You're creepy...
Stalking? Ha! You're the creep mr multiple login personalities......ewww freakshow!

Also, even creepier? Your time killing, voting down agenda!

I mean,it's Christmas eve. You have kids.....yikes,dude. Yikes
Looks like Geo has been confronted before
^^uh oh!
FYI, I am my own troll, not an incarnation of any of the other trolls, other than the various anonymous names I was using prior to making an account.

I'm really not stalking anyone - I just call out morons where I see em.

I'm also a lady troll. ;)
Unless this person lives in alternate-1985 where everyone drives a dune buggy festooned with K.C. HiLiTES, this IA doesn't have a pot to piss in. Modern factory fog lights are nothing but puny vanity accessories designed to remind the young urban professional that he could totally do rallycross in his Outback, if he wanted to. Just remove the baby seat, vacuum out 125lbs. of dog hair and old parking stickers, and it'll totally punish, man. It's a performance car built for racing, dude, not just blinding pedestrians in the New Seasons parking lot.
CONCUR! I have throught of writing a similar I,A! I am so tired of being blasted in the face with over the top headlight capacity. Whether from the foglights or those blue LED headlights that fry my retinas, I hate them all. I have taken to turning on my brights when I pass especially obnoxious ones. HA!