So there I was, waiting in line at the buffet table, empty cup in hand, peacefully waiting my turn. As the fellow in front of me finished pouring his drink, some rude guy cuts in front of me. Nobody was standing on the other side of the table where there were other carafes of beverage, so I went abound the other side. Of course, out nowhere again, another impatient guest, cut me off. He poured three glasses of chocolate milk, then turned and left the table.

I stepped up and as began to pour a couple of ounces into my still empty cup, the guy who just left, tapped me on the shoulder and said: "excuse me, but I'm not done yet." I stood my ground and said to him that he had cut ahead of me in the first place and if he didn't like it, he shouldn't do it to others. He replied: "I said excuse me." As I moved over to top of my cup with hot coffee I said; "Taste of your own medicine" He repeated back to me: "Taste of my own medicine." then splashed a cup of liquid in my face. The crowd went: "Oooowwh. I calmly finished filling my cup, as he continued leaned over the corner of the table to stay in my face. As I started towards him, he backed away. I chased him about twenty feet before he finally stopped, and extended his arm his open palm up in my face to ward me off. I deflected his arm a few times until he finally tensed it up so it couldn't be moved. He was frozen in place like a deer caught in the headlights. I splashed the entire cup of coffee all in his face as slowly as I could. The crowd exclaimed: "AHhhhhwwwwww!" As if I was the bad guy.