A few questions that I'd appreciate Merc readers' two cents on:

To the fellas:
Why do you have tons of pictures on your profile of you with half naked chicks? Or your ex girlfriend?

Why do you send messages to women that are clearly not a match for you? Whether it be education level, looks, location, interests, etc? If I like HH in the Pearl and kung fu flicks at Hollywood theatre and you love hunting and never head more west than Gresham - are you fucking kidding me??!!!

If I post that a "deal breaker" is you doing drugs, and write me a hateful email stating I'm a fucking bitch or an uneducated whore because marijuana is NOT a drug because it comes from the Earth - what do you fucking want from me? To fight via email? To change my mind? Just fuck off, pot head. Find yourself a nice pot head girl. It's just not my thing.

Also, sending me an email with, "Hey cutie, you seem sexxy. We'd make a cute couple." as your opener is the shittiest, dumb fuckiest thing ever. Don't be so desperate and unoriginal. It's repulsive. I will just post your emails on my blog for everyone to see how lame you are.