To the woman dating my husband,

Have you not considered the many possible reasons my husband, your "boyfriend," and I are not divorced? That is, other than the dishonesty he placates you with? Has he happened to mention to you how much we love each other? And how we both want, deep down, to save our marriage, but pride, shame, and fear get in the way? With those tasks ahead of us on our path to true love (yes, true love,) do you really think you need to be here, adding to my husbands shame? Because what type of woman would overlook a marriage? The same type that ignores a mans saddness and poor health (you kiss that sick mouth?) to call him her own? The type too delusioned to realize her "boyfriend" (a married man) is emotionally and physically unfaithful to her? Not a woman to be proud of.As the wife of your boyfriend I can rightly wage, you are pathetic. Please free my husband from the grip of shame earned by your aquaintance, it sparks his narcasistic disorder and keeps all three of us from our full potential of happiness.

The Mrs.