Lazy Dumb-Ass Movie Patrons


You sound a little crabby, I think you need more kale in your diet.
Wow, why don't you try taking a little pride in your work. Get better at helping your customers, rather than expecting them to help you. You may have noticed that you are being paid to be there, while your customers are paying. That is what determines who gets to be irritated by who, not your sense of personal entitlement.
I haven't patronize a movie theater I can't get a pitcher of beer or a slice of pizza at in years. I gather from this IA I've made the right choice.
Here here IA, here here! I absolutely loathe being behind those types of people; they need to hurry the fuck up!
0/10. Next.
Hey ticket taker, why don't you police the following then:

The people who talk during the movie.
The people using cellphones during the movie.
Cellophane wrapped candy eaters.
Straw up-n-down moving in the cups.
Last bit of ice in the cup shakers.

These are the same people. Don't let them in is my solution.

Also, I can do without you people who clap at the end like the filmmaker is in attendance or something...
this is exactly why i just download films now... crabby-ass theatre attendants, and stupid theatre goers.

guess what, chief? people suck. now put down the ipad, and get back to forking out tickets.
While I agree with most of your gripes, your tone makes me think you should get a different job.
Don't forget those annoying folks are also the ones paying your wages.
Oh, I hate sitting through 20 minutes of previews too, can you fix that?