You are a comradery of dicks, You’re the “see also” on the Urban dictionary when you look up the word douchebag. I don’t know who told you that just because you look like a supermodel (you are fucking fine as hell) That being a contemptuously arrogant fuck face, is the walk of life.

When you’re louder than the comedian on stage, and then shoulder tapped in a very polite way to shut the fuck up, and you don’t, of course the comedian is going to lose patience because your “shut the fuck up” didn’t happen. Who the fuck heckles and then walks up to the stage to have a personal one on one conversation, about how black you are. WHO FUCKING CARES? SIT THE FUCK BACK DOWN!

I did like your supercilious approach when leaving finally, the look on your face when my headliner pretty much told you to crawl back up the womb you came from was predictably vest. Your “shut the fuck up” face is priceless.