You are a miserable, insecure old hag. You used to be kind and generous, a lovely person I once thought, but then you got up to your eyeballs in debt and all the kindness and love dried up and withered away. You are stupid with money and then blame others because you're broke. You cut off contact with your two older sons (and their kids) because they don't kiss the ring and agree with whatever you say like sycophantic brainless monkeys. Your youngest son is a gigantic loser because of you. A 22-year-old dropout who never worked a day in his life, he sells his blood plasma for a living and naps/plays video games all day in your house for free. I remember how excited you both were when his food stamps came through. You are both fucking pathetic. I hate that we've been forced to live with you but soon we will leave and take our rent money with us. I only wish I could come back as a fly on the wall and watch as you shake down your youngest for extra change like a fucking crackhead. Go. To. Hell. Bitch.