i am unemployed but not desperate. not desperate enough to work for minimum wage with every hour of every day available to do meaningless work. not desperate enough to apply for a job with an employer who will not tell me who they are or what they are willing to pay. you want references? so do i. but for some unknown, unfair reason it doesn't work like that. i feel forced to spend hours making my resume shine, only to be ignored by your h.r. staff. i have never been fired, never been written up even, and you probably don't plan to treat me like a human. i hate my future job in advance. not because i am lazy or stupid or incapable, but because i already know that i will put in hours and hours of effort only to get a position that i am over-qualified for, where i will be treated as a disposable tool. our economy sucks because we allow ourselves to be treated this way. i refuse to participate in this degrading culture. i am going to watch bonnie and clyde with a new appreciation for frustration and rebellions. what are we going to do to improve this assed-out situation?