Thank you trimet for reminding me of what it really means to keep Portland weird. The whole concept has just become so consumerist in this day and age that I'd forgotten the true spirit of weird.

First it was the tweaker couple, who sat on either side/halfway on top of a homeless man, then glared at him until he moved. As soon as he left, they began chattering away, as tweakers will do. Pretty much normal for trimet.

This is when the raver/possibly furry (I have trouble knowing where one subculture ends and the other creepy fetish begins) couple boards the bus, the female wearing a fuzzy kitty hat, and the male wearing a fuzzy dog hat. They look like warmed over bile, and it is after 5 PM. I'm thinking there was probably some E involved in their lives sometime in the last 24 hours, only they probably call it mali "Cause it's just pure MDMA without the amphetamines." Nevermind that the A stands for "amphetamine". Anyway....

As I'm sitting trapped between the tweakers and the furries, the tweaker lady turns around and starts making fun of the furries so that the entire bus can hear. She tells them their hats are probably illegal, to begin with.

I'm not sure of what the moral of the story is here. Maybe it's just that keeping Portland weird is about drug addiction, not hipster gimmicks. Maybe it's just that you shouldn't publicize your disturbing animal fetish if you wish to avoid being MOCKED BY FUCKING TWEAKERS.