you were wielding a drill gun and look like a busted version of Ricky from Trailer Park Boys. when we first came in you were pouring cheap booze into expensive booze bottles. we sat at the bar, literally 3 few feet away from you and another employee. the first fucked up shit i heard from you was disparaging remarks about “fat chicks”. i must have made a screwed up face, because you caught my eye and said “...maybe that was rude.” i would have gone with misogynistic and deeply upsetting, but, yeah, ok, “rude.” you continued running your mouth, this time describing a young female you have known since she was 6, but has recently transformed into a, “hot little piece of jailbait.” i sincerely hope the girl you are referring to reads this and stays clear of you, you creepy, horrible lech . after this last hella-fucking-inappropriate comment, another employee tells you they think there is something wrong with one of the kegs. a customer speaks up. she has a glass 2/3 full of cloudy, wrong-looking beer. she agrees - the beer is fucked, and she would like to have a fresh one. you tell her she can have "exactly as much beer is left in your glass." are you fucking serious, dude? if this were my place, first of the fuck all, a jacked up beer would have never made it to a customer, and if it did, i would apologize, give a fresh beer, apologize again, and comp them that beer.
i am thoroughly perpleaxed as to how this establishment stays in business with you there.