Let Me Be Your Concubine Already!


Maybe he's just shy? You too, or you wouldn't be venting to us instead to talking to him. Do something bold to break the limited repertoire of behavior. Walk up and face him nose to nose, give him a look as though your are about to kiss him, then unzip his pants, turn around, and walk away, swiveling your hips, for instance.

No risk - no reward.
Internet porn > You.

No contest.
Don't take my word for it. Ask Dr Theodora Minsk.
"I want you smothered" HOT!!!
Anon the most likely explanation is that this guy isn't that into you and he doesn't know how to let you know. Or he's afraid that he'll hurt you and lose your friendship.

And if he knows how into him you are and he let's it go on and on and on, he might just be a little bit abusive.
BTW, telling a guy that he isn't an infallible philosopher king is usually a one-way ticket to Palookaville.
Portland women, again, prove their psychosis. Clit up and make the first move, weirdo.
Lady, you have "Nice Guy Syndrome."

You don't put friendship/favor/support tokens into someone until sex falls out.
call me: 503-555-WEAK
Smirk... If I told you once, I've told you a million times - no!
If you're everything this guy could ever want, he probably has no idea how you really feel about him. Are either of you already in a relationship? That would explain things.
Maybe your vagina smells bad?
Reasons that you are not everything that anybody wants:

A. Use of the word "smother".

B. You WANT him to take advantage of the neurosis (the proper plural) and insecurities for which he's already forced to take care of you. I can smell the desperation from here.

C. You are a mental and emotional whore, apparently. Not that appealing...

Don't worry though, there is hope! Sounds like you and arenit should get along just great!