Guns, Guns and More Guns??


If it was this picture then you must admit you're trying to sell sunglasses with pictures of GUYS WITH BIG GUNS. Put that in your ecohippie closet and set it next to your Zampberlan 760 Steep GT hiking boots.…
Also, it's a particularly large failure when one misuses the term "idiocracy."
You certainly got pretty worked up and defensive over such a seemingly innocuous statement.

Also: I have a hard time believing someone of your demeanor owns even a paper route, let alone a retail business.
Please nobody sell or give IA a gun!
ACTUALLY, sounds like your greatest offense is being an oversensitive dickwad.

And that whole "Those weapons are in the appropriate hands" bit, are you for real?
What the fuck are Rudy Project Tactical Sunglasses and why do you have a pamphlet for them?
"I have a 5 year old in a school just like Newtown, CT..."

Ok... so fucking what? What has THAT to do with anything at all?
You breeders really make me sick, you know. Just b/c you've demonstrated that you're capable of something EVERY living fucking thing on Earth can do - self-replicating - You think that gives you the green light to shoe-horn that brat of yours into every argument, relevancy not withstanding! That other dude's an asshole, sure. However, YOU'RE an even bigger asshole for using the [useless] fact that you have a kid to try and gain superiority in every fucking argument.

No sympathy for YOU!
I cant believe I'm saying this, but I completely agree with Damosa
Ok, so this is the second time I am posting this. Apparently, this website doesn’t like a different position. I completely sympathize with you! This is a retail location and needs to apply to many different people and demographics. If you were to be judged by the prints that are in a retail space, you would think that the only people you would sell to would be high fashion anorexic men and women who are independently wealthy living on a beach somewhere and no one else simply because that is the art work that is up with them modeling the products that you sell in a retail environment. That argument is moot to say that you can’t have something that appeals to the sportsman who walks in the door as well as the hipster. I would have reacted and felt the same way as you would have if not been even more vocal about it! I try not to judge and I would hope that others would do the same, but apparently all of the these people making comments before me are too busy judging you to see the real issue that you are posting about. I know it sounds cliché but guns don’t kill people, crazy ass people kill people and I would prefer that we would be able to defend ourselves instead of waiting for a cop to arrive 3 minutes later (that is if we can even get to a phone to call them in the first place). I carry a handgun because I travel for a living and I had the unfortunate experience of having to pull my weapon on a man who was trying to get into my car to (his actions leading up to this made me feel physically and sexually threatened) rape me. All he needed to see was that I had it, and that was reason enough for him to turn back to his truck and I called in his plates. What would have happened otherwise??? 9 times out of 10, all it takes to stop a crime is the criminal seeing that you are armed and it is stopped. Think about that woman in Mt. Tabor Park, the shooting in the Clackamas Mall and others… I love Guns in the right hands. Let’s focus on our mental health care and not limiting our already limited freedoms!
^ Disliking because too much shit to read. Why don't you at least try breaking up your paragraphs next time, honey?
@Kirsta, agree.
Have you got them in stock? Did you dig those shades that the freed nigger Django be a wear'n? Made me wonder, maybe you be 'da one to know, when were sunglasses first invented? Did they really have 'em back 'den? Tarantino pulls that shit every time. Like "Tipping the Light Fantastic". I thought that phrase came out of the psychedelic '60s.

Terds: "Tipping the Light Fantastic"…
Sheesh, over react much?
People on extreme fringes (either side) of this argument make as much sense as someone on crack
Krisa who said "I would prefer that we would be able to defend ourselves instead of waiting for a cop to arrive 3 minutes later"

Even with a .22: I don't want you to try to defend yourself, because even trained police officers take out civilians. (August 24 NY shooting) Use pepper spray, for christssake. And many people are "normal" until they become "crazy"-- so no matter how good mental health is, any violent society rife with inequalities will produce its cracked shooters.

So I don't understand why you think you deserve to have a gun of any type, when crossfire our your impending (possible!) mental health crack puts everyone else at risk.

It's not rational. Guns are too efficient at killing and there are other methods for self-defense. I'm sorry you feel your freedoms are limited, but the government SHOULD try to look out for people's best interests and statistically, your gun ownership is in no way helpful to others.
Semi Auto Pistols are allowed ONLY without a Grip!…

‘‘(30) The term ‘semiautomatic pistol’ means any re-

peating pistol that—

ii) A pistol grip.

‘‘(46) The term ‘pistol grip’ means a grip, a thumb-

hole stock, or any other characteristic that can function

as a grip.…
"People on extreme fringes (either side) of this argument make as much sense as someone on crack."

I 2nd this motion.