it's almost like men think women are superheroes, with leaving our heart out of it. We're not, we're not even close. I,A, take it from someone who has 16 months under her belt, with a guy who so effortlessly chimed in on my play, calling me his best friend. (some best friend he turned out to be) Your expectations are too high.
he didn't respond to only one call and two texts? maybe his battery died and his cat chewed up the charger cord. maybe he's in the hospital because of some freak accident. maybe his grandma died and he had to jump on a plane to attend the funeral, but forgot his phone and never got around to memorizing your number. maybe he's just on a bender, but is being completely faithful to you and will be back in communication after just a couple more bottles. maybe all of these things.

or, yeah, maybe he's found another bedmate or realized that he is content enough with only his hand, in which case you're right -- what a douche bag.
Your vagina is unhygienic.
I've done this before to women. Why? Because it's drastically more convenient than having the conversation, having dozens (if not hundreds, no joke) of texts and angry voicemails telling me how awful I am, how I'm a piece of shit, etc, etc, etc. Women lose their fucking mind when they feel they've "lost" to a guy. Even if she's not into the guy, if he leaves her, her ego is bruised and she turns into some surreal venomous creature hellbent on being as vitriolic as possible.

Men learn over time it's just easier to go silent and in a couple days hope you get the point. Call it immature if you must. Life's too short to deal with all the texts and vm's from angry women who can't accept that sometimes people lose interest.

Truth has been spoken. Downvote away.
The cold shoulder is how white people are taught to deal with their problems from a young age. It's unfortunate.
White people? Seriously?
What can we say? It sucks. You're better off without him. Hope you meet someone nicer next time.
Arenit, that's exactly right! Ladies do this too though, Its not just men. We do.. we silence the incoming, by not responding. (men also get angry, no doubt)

My first comment was merely based on two wrongs in my past, not making a right, and me wanting to desperately fix the past just to keep a friend. I just found out people have to be your friend first to want something fixed.

He came, he saw, he took, he left. (run I,A.. run really fucking fast)
I in the future would think this things don't happen at certain age. Wanna blow someone off?. Making some sort of related message which entrails the reason why somebody would stop calling would suit best. This thing that women and men do the same may be wrong. Portland dating scene seems to be more relaxed and emotional harm free than other places I've lived in and funner.
Gotta go with Arenit on this one. Engaging in some long, protracted breakup is hardly warranted for such a short-lived relationship.
I can't believe people are justifying this bullshit, and acting like it's just part of the game of dating. Even if you sincerely believe that by completely shutting someone out you're avoiding a protracted and histrionic response, you still have an obligation to say something after two months and just deal with the fallout like an adult, at which point you can then proceed with the silent treatment... or no-contact orders.

That's isn't to say that you can't do what the OP's ex flame did, or that it's somehow highly immoral, but at least own up to being a fucking prick in your own head if this is the way you choose to treat people you're involved with, and strive to treat the people you date better down the road.

I wonder if the fact that Portland is (and has been for 10+ years) the de facto destination for people going through emotional crises, who are seeking to completely abandon their lives at the drop of a hat, to start over like nothing happened, is a possible explanation for why this type of shit is more rampant here.
"you still have an obligation to say something after two months and just deal with the fallout like an adult"

Oh for fucks sake Anon was only 'with him' for 2 months, and the most intimate thing they did was ONE SINGLE "SLEEPOVER". You act like they just celebrated their 50th anniversary.
You are right to be miffed A,I. And some "men" here are pussies.

"Hard things are hard, so I don't do them."
Here is another theory- He met someone that he didn't have to wait 2 months to fuck
Blabby: No, pointless things are pointless.
Taking care of your responsibilities towards another human being is pointless?

You made the choice to engage this person, involve them in your life, if only for a few dates over two months. Like it or not you now have responsibilities to them. Not even big responsibilities, just a relatively quick final phone call.

Pull on your big boy pants, Peter Pan.
arenit is super correct. You bitches need a head exam.
Fact: No one owes you shit even if their sexy parts touched your sexy parts. Get the fuck over it.
Blabby, usually I am a fan of your comments but the last one is utter bullshit. No one signed any contracts or is responsible for anyone but themselves. No one owes anyone an explanation or reasoning. People come and people go and in the end you only have yourself. Projecting the responsibility of tending to your own feelings, needs and thoughts on to other people is the number one problem with humanity.
"No one signed any contracts or is responsible for anyone but themselves. No one owes anyone an explanation or reasoning."

That seems like a bleak life to me. I take the proper amount of responsibility for my impact on the people around me. My life is richer for it.

Perhaps the "number one problem with humanity" is people treating other human beings like Kleenex.
Some people think they can avoid conflict. The funny thing is that the people you snub don't go away and eventually you run into them in the most awkward places. When I encounter someone who pulled this on me, I like to talk to them in a really friendly way and watch them squirm and search the room for a rescue that will never come. As I've gotten older I find this confrontation rather entertaining.

You guys that think you are worth freaking out over need to get over yourselves. You are the same as the douchebag before you and there are a line of them to take your place.
Yeah, White people. Seriously. Being one I can say that sort of thing. Kind of like Chris Rock saying the N word.

Don't get scared.