Hey there, I noticed you’ve been scanning my body for various marks, welts, bruises, cuts, and scars. You’ve convinced yourself they’re products up an abusive partner. The presumptuous stance you’ve taken leads you to believe I’m a victim; but your concern is really a cloak of your own personal fantasies. The sympathy you thought you had is just your apathy for the scars that shine inside of me. All of which usually project when I have nothing to say or a tiny bit too much. Those scars are the opiate of my livelihood. Just a little reminder that I’m not in need of your help, so quit your assumptions!

Who or what I engage in, or with is none of your pea on brain’s concern. But here’s a sliver for your pocket to cherish for a later date of voyeuristic perversions; I've been abstinent for an extended period and I’m fulfilled with my own means of asexuality. BDSM is enjoyed through and throughout alone (some of the most intense, pleasurable to date)! Admittedly all those marks are really from less interesting sources and not from my personal asphyxiation kink!

Come clean that you’re a stalker and predator who views themselves as an upstanding fellow human; you and I know that you aren’t. Stay away from me, and keep your sympathy, apathy and prying eyes, hands, feet, and whatever else you feel the need to direct towards me to yourself!