My boobs may be fake but your gigantic fat ass is sadly all too real.

I know you talk shit about me, most fatties like you do. I'm sorry you can't pass a desert tray without trying to fit half of it in your mouth. I'm sorry that the only exercise you get is your half dozen trips you take back and forth to the bathroom every day. Seriously, I've never heard/seen someone shit so much in my life. God forbid you exercise a little portion control and, well, actually exercise. Something I have done my entire adult life.

You see, Fatty McEatseverything, I work hard not to look like the pile of shit you resemble. When you are busy eating like a Hobbit I'm jogging 10 miles. When you are hitting the drive through I'm hitting the gym. You are a bitter an embarrassing slab of a woman who clearly hates anything with a BMI of less than 25.

So how about you keep your inferiority complex to yourself and stop projecting your body issues onto others. You like being fat? Awesome, I don't give a shit. Just shut your food hole and keep your opinions of others to yourself. This may seem hypocritical of me to mention all of this online, but at least I am not making shitty comments directly to my coworkers like you do, specifically and non-anonymous.

P.S. It is NOT normal to have a yeast infection ALL THE TIME. Got to a doctor, you fucking stink.