Sick of People Bitching about the Homeless


I live in the suburbs, but don't drink starbucks, or own a "falcon man rammer". The rest of the post is just dumbshit-fodder. The last one too, actually. Shitting, fucking, pissing away the imagination.
Disenfranchised? In America? The majority of the people on this planet bust their asses to live a life twice as shitty as the ones enjoyed by the homeless in this city.
"Shit loads of the homeless people are not addicted to drugs. They have been fucked over by banks and shit on by the politicians who claim to represent us."

Uh, that goes for everyone, not just the homeless. Do you really think the banks say "oh wow, Mr Jones you rent a $600 piece of shit studio apartment.. we're going to treat you like a king! No more fees for you, EVER!"

It's very clear you yourself are one of these broke pieces of spanging hippie gutterpunk shit and instead of being resilient, educating yourself and learning how to survive - recession be damned - you instead take to the internet to make excuse after excuse on why you can't succeed when most others can.

In other words, no pity. This isn't high school. Man up or get in the soup line, son.
That's not true. There are many poor people around the world, and they're sick and hungry, but many have places to sleep, communities they belong to, and support. The homeless in an industrial society live uniquely shitty lives, from a global-historical perspective.

But they should've thought about that before they chose to be homeless, right?
Is there no compassion left for other human beings?
Life is survival of the fittest, it hasn’t changed! If you didn’t want to be homeless anymore, you wouldn’t be! I’m not sure how much help there is, but there is “persistence” help, as long as you don’t stop looking for it. Homeless people are lazy.. I understand I’m a bitch for sounding, well, like a fucking bitch, but if you don’t want to be homeless anymore, get the fuck up and say I don’t wanna be homeless anymore. Talk to people, until you find someone who can help you. You talked to someone who gave food stamps, now talk to them about a job, and new clothes to get a job in. There are ways to get a paycheck at a gas station.
Looks like Arenit posted right before me; I was responding to iceprez. And I was being sarcastic with the " they should've thought about that before they chose to be homeless" stuff.

Anyway, the history of white people is the history of peasants getting fucked in the ass by feudal lords. It makes total sense that the descendants of these people would have an inculcated habit of hating the poor and praising the rich.

It's just sad that three centuries of America and Enlightenment hasn't gotten these people to stop being whores.
@ stephonkneewellskunz-

You are really naive, close-minded, and yes you sound like a total bitch.
Close-minded definition
Intolerant of the beliefs and opinions of others; stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas.
I had a new idea, get off your ass and find a job.

Naïve definition
Not previously subjected to experimentation or a particular experimental situation.
I totally want to experiment with the homeless. I say hand them an application, let’s see if shit gets filled out and turned back in.

Bitch definition
A lewd woman.
You totally nailed this one, I do give a mean blowjob, i do.

1 out of 3 isn’t bad Froyo
@ stephonkneewellskunz sounds sexy. I'd go down on her.
hahahaha Thank you lol
Jamdox- I'm not a whore, nor did I suggest that anybody chose to become homeless. However I have been to a couple 3rd world countries (not vacations either) where the homeless are lucky to own a fuckin blanket. Honestly I just want that homeless couple that hangs out on Belmont to stop fistfighting with each other all the time.
The worst part about Rand being dry-humped by the right isn't just that it's spawned a whole mess of self-serving assholes, it's that it's spawned a mess of self-serving assholes that are so detached from empathy that not only can they not fathom wanting to help someone that's stuck in a terrible life, but they can't even fathom someone else wanting to help those less fortunate.

That's how you end up with assholes like arenit, who assumes that anyone trying to show an ounce of compassion to their fellow man must just be a bum looking for a handout. He's so bent on thinking only of himself that the idea that anyone else could do otherwise is a completely foreign concept.
Keep patting yourself on the back for dragging all that dead weight, Aestro. Girls still don't want your tiny penis inside of them.
Child, please.
Falcon Man reference = Damosa; it's always about race with this guy.
I don't care if they want to live outside, can they stop pissing on the sidewalk/themselves?
I was really hoping this was going to be a far more clever post. I don't know why.
Falcon Man Rammer
If the homeless are so important, why are their "supporters" spending their hard earned money on cell phones, computers and internet connections to post here instead of using that same money to feed the precious, angelic bums ? Ah yes, talk is cheap and empty words make empty people feel better about their empty lives.
So, according to the poster, people who work in an office downtown drink Starbucks, go outside 10 minutes each day, jack off while laughing at the homeless, and drive Subaru's to and from the suburbs? Sounds like my Thursdays! Sign me up!!
shit fuck, you piss-lazy advocate anti-homeless-rights shitbaggers, bunch of shitlickers, ass-rammer, chonch-weeds, on Thursdays