Is There Any Hope Left for this World?


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Calm down champ, just because assholes are more vocal about their successes doesn't mean nice humble people get nowhere in life.
WTF are you talking about? Put the seventeen magazine away, and step away from the emotional breakdown.

I'm to hungover to read this.
We are a speck on a speck on a speck on a speck. Scientists estimate that there are 2,000,000,000 earth-like worlds in our galaxy alone. Our lives have absolutely no significance in the grand scheme of things. We are born alone, die alone but when you find happiness you should embrace it. Loving others and loving yourself are the only ray of hope in a dark meaningless world. That is the beauty of life.
I don't know who taught you that the world is a great place where everyone is happy. I sure didn't go to that school.
I'm sorry, what's happening? I fell asleep.
I remember when I went through this phase. I bought into the same lies you did: that helping everyone was a virtue, that integrity was the most important thing, and that love “just happens” magically to people.

After busting my ass for years “trying to do the right thing” I sobered up to the reality: 90% of people are absolutely meaningless and inconsequential in the world, and basically just sheep watching TV every night, working dumb jobs for smarter people. 10% of people actually matter, 3% of people can change the world, and less than 1% rule the whole thing. The root of your problem is instinctive tribalism: our minds are hardwired to live in a community of (at most) a couple hundred folks, but now we live in a big city, and compassion for mankind (for your tribe) can drown your ability to think rationally about your own personal situation. The big city is all about cut-throat competition, not compassion, mutual aide, or doing the right thing – if you want those things, get out of the city. The illusion of happiness is real: just sit back, watch TV, go into debt, marry a desperate and dumb person, work for other people, and you too can live in the “great place where everyone is happy.”

Here’s the solution for the 10% of people: virtue is improving yourself, friends are based on value (so, cut out the people who are worthless or toxic), getting laid is a sport, and love is only absolute trust (which can mean eternal exclusive commitment, but often times it doesn’t). Remember: virtue is the act of doing good, so do good, and do it to yourself.

You’re going to stay unhappy as long as you keep “loyal” and “faithful” and “hard working” to worthless and toxic people. Your first step is to identify and remove toxic people, then worthless people – take a hard look at your “friends” and think the term “weakest link” while you do. Look at your job, too. Next, stop worrying so much about the world, worry about yourself. Improve yourself, and when you’ve improved yourself to a significant degree, you will notice, suddenly, that you’re in control of your own world, that the world is really at your bidding, and you will be happy.
Don't you have to be 18 to post on here?
Along with the rest of the helpful comments you're getting here, I'd like to tell you that going on and on about your values, beliefs etc. isn't going to do you many favors in this world that you're so sure is all crap anyway. It's one thing to behave in an ethical manner and have people notice it; it's another to just be one more asshole who won't shut up about his values and how important they are, and how we should all respect him a whole lot more for it.
You are the weakest link, goodbye.