It's Pretty Bad...


Oh you've been with the company for a year and four months? You poor entitled baby! That sucks!
Entitled? Sounds like they're over qualified and it's being recognized by management.
Veracity is nice, but perhaps you should've spiced this up a bit by having it be your manager's parasitic twin who was telling you this, over drinks at the Acropolis.
Or maybe the Pyramids.
Fuck off Hayley.
Xoxo, TheOnlySanePersonInTheWorld (said no one).
Did your cover letter read anything like the first sentence of your "daily grumble" here? A fella could get blue-balls reading prose like this.
Onlysane - Haley is not the problem. The problem is that we're all fucking tired of seeing the words "entitled" and "privileged". You live in Portland. You're fucking privileged in one way or another -- calling other people out doesn't change that.

In fact, knowing enough social theory to talk about privilege implies that you're educationally privileged. You can fucking drop it now. Or you know, just copy and paste "entitled/privileged" to every post, as that's basically what you're already doing...
Easy, report your boss for harassment and emotional distress. It's what losers with shitty paying 9-5 jobs do, right?

Seriously, quit your bitching. If you want to make more money, find a better job. There's plenty out there. Enough excuses already.
Gosh Troll, stop following me around already. It's so cute you got a crush on me but srsly.
Wait what??

"When my manager is "pushing" me to apply for management positions within the company"

Tell your roommate to calm the fuck down, rent will get paid.
Pass over for promotions, manager REALLY wants IA to get a management position, more than likely in a different store/office/state...

Seems pretty clear.
Companies don't like to promote internally these days. It's probably because if they did, it would kill morale for the people whose colleague is now their boss. So don't take it personally.

Also, your first "sentence" is actually a sentence fragment.
Following you around..... this one blog? And following = commenting on posts made by other people in chronological order?

Anyway, I've barely been around lately.
Because you bore me.
You specifically.
And also the recent posts.

But mostly you.

I originally thought TOSPot might be a DamosA sockpuppet, but it's TOO misogynist TOO often even for him.
Gee xauen, i was just THINKING ABOUT YOU TOO. Maybe that's why i'm on here at 4:15 in the morning.