We went on a date two years ago; I felt no sparks but I guess I stuck in your mind, because a year later you asked me out again. This time, I fell hard. It was fantastic to feel that kind of joy and safe enough to belong. Unfortunately, the clash you had with my friends was too much. We argued outside a restaurant for an hour and then you disappeared from my life. No goodbye. No returning my calls. No returning my texts. Nothing.
Silent treatment... for five months, then the "hello, how've you been?" text happens.
I give you a chance to say you're sorry. You say it was the shittiest thing you've ever done and I truly forgive you. You tell me your feelings haven't faded and want to start up again. I can't shake that we're not meant to be together although the chemistry is still there.
We've been doing the "lets be friends" dance for a while now. You're forthcoming that you want more, me on the fence - admitting my feelings for you but believing it unwise to try a third time. There are too many factors that trip us up; communication style, we each clash with the others' friends, our desires in the bedroom, etc.
Last night we had dinner and you said you're over it. No more anxiety about what we are and that you'll just let it be. We're friends.
I can exhale - no more pressure. No more confusion. We friend zoned each other.
But we kissed goodbye. A hot, long kiss goodbye.