Maybe in another life, but I'm living this one. You're impossible. Scratch that - we are impossible as a couple.
We are fantastic when it's just us, isolated from anyone else; but you think my friends are fake. You spew diarrhea of the mouth to anyone who thinks or behaves differently than you - except at me. Your friends think I'm a dumb liberal and indulge in conflict and are intolerant of anyone different... in anyway.
Whatever allure brought me to you, probably the whole opposites attracts thing? Maybe the bad boy thing? I see an intelligent sexy man, who can be incredibly thoughtful when it comes to just me - but that's not enough.
I can't take the stress of our social circles clashing.
I wish you the best of luck, but I meant it when I said don't call me and if you do, I will not call or text you back.