You all recently opened a new location downtown and though I wasn't a huge fan of your restaurant the few times I made it over the river I was excited to have a place that serves brunch 7 days a week near my apartment. I've been in a few times and the food has been excellently sourced (if a little bland) the service good, the drinks fantastic, and the music always awesome. However, let's cut the bullshit with the whole "our dishes are meant to be served family style." Sure, maybe, but you can't tell me that biscuit sandwich is meant to be family style. Or that it's just coincidence that all your large plates are the exact size of a single entree. If my lady and I order a biscuit sandwich and steak and eggs should she really be done with that before I even get my steak. C'mon step it up and hire an expeditor or say what you really mean "we can't be bothered to provide the most basic of restaurant services, now pay up bitches."