Hey, when a pedestrian is crossing the sidewalk, DO NOT KEEP MOVING YOUR VEHICLE. When I held my hand up and said, HEY, you pointed to the zebra crosswalk like I should have been on it. You know what? That crosswalk on 60th & Glisan MAX stop is badly designed and at an angle (thanks TriMet, but that's another issue). No one walks over to it just to walk on it! Hardly ever! And when you keep edging forward, it makes me think I'm about to get hit, which trust me in this town, happens to pedestrians A LOT. They get killed even. So, asshole in the big black truck that is obviously compensating for your tiny little dick, STOP NEXT TIME. Yeah I flipped you off and said "Fuck you" - it is probably the best fuck you are going to get all year. I see your truck again, I am keying it. FUCK OFF!