To the Asshole on 60th & Glisan


Well done, I,A. Fuck 'em if they can't obey the law.
I'm confused. Are you talking about the crosswalk on Glisan and NE 60th three blocks away or the one at the MAX stop on 60th that's right above the Banfield Expressway? The protected one with the strobe lights that absolutely everyone uses? If you don't like that one there's another one a few yards east on NE Oregon that's perfectly perpendicular if the "slightly diagonal ones" are causing you so much trouble.
He was driving down the sidewalk? In a big truck? Am I tripping?
It's actually illegal here to roll your vehicle forward if there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk until they are out of the lane you are turning through/into and have walked into the next lane by six feet. The “Stop and Stay Stopped” Law.
" pointed to the zebra crosswalk like I should have been on it."

By his own admission I,A wasn't using the crosswalk; does the "Stop and Stay Stopped" law still apply when pedestrians choose to cross wherever they feel like?
Anon it is your responsibility to consider your own mortality. Just because something is illegal does not mean that people are going to follow the law. This seems like something most first graders know.
"And when you keep edging forward, it makes me think I'm about to get hit, which trust me in this town, happens to pedestrians A LOT. They get killed even."

And yet nobody champions for pedestrians to wear helmets, even though most people assume if you're a cyclist and you get hit while not wearing a helmet you basically had it coming to you.
"Pedestrian hit and killed in crosswalk was not wearing a helmet", "Guy shot to death was not wearing a bullet-proof vest", "Cyclist right-hooked by dump truck was wearing a helmet, for all the good it did her".
For the record, more people have been killed in cross-walks than while "jay-walking", so whether or not there's a cross-walk or how it's designed is really inconsequential. Every cyclist and pedestrian has to take 100% responsibility for their own safety.

B/c if you don't watch out and some asshole runs you over, that driver may be in the wrong legally - but it's still your ASS!
You really probably should take a deep breath before destroying other people's property. People go to jail for those kinds of antics. Despite this, your tiny dick comment made me grin.
There is a limit as to just how proactive a cyclist or pedestrian can be with their own safety, unfortunately. You can do everything within your power (outside of never leaving the house), to be safe and it's still not going to be enough to avoid injury or death.

The presumption that cyclists and pedestrians are 100% responsible for their own safety is just another excuse for drivers to be even less accountable for their actions than they already are.
I live off of Glisan near to where it splits from Sandy, and until the last 6 months, it seemed that all of the drivers used Sandy between that split and 28th. All of a sudden they've found Glisan. I realize that I couldn't hope to have that big old, bicycle laned road all to myself forever, but the people who have found it DO NOT stop for pedestrians ever. EVER. Every single day when I go to cross the street I just have to stand there until the traffic clears, because nobody ever considers it. And no, it's not the normal level of disregard for pedestrians' rights. This is seriously 100% of the people on that road.

I think it has to do with the extra turning lane in the middle. It creates the same psychological phenomenon as Powell, and other places where even a red light and a crosswalk don't cut through the sense of "But I for some reason never have to stop if I'm on a BIG street!"
That whole area is a crosswalk, jerk-offs. I was the last of a crowd of people getting off the bus and we were on the asphalt, not on the zebra crossing. That's why rootin' tootin' cowboy was so anxious to run me over. He was going to be 10 micro seconds late for Loser Land. And normally I am a very careful pedestrian. I do not drive, I take the bus and train everyday and make sure cars see me before I leave the curb. This guy was just pissed he had to wait for 15 people who were trying to get their train. If you see a pedestrian, it doesn't matter where they are YOU MUST STOP.
Anyhoo, that was my morning yesterday and then last night I saw the poor hippie biker get punched at. I reported it to the police, so at least it's on record. Portland has gone to hell as far as I am concerned (yes, I was born here). And that was my day so th-th-th-that's all, folks!
it appears only one of the two parties in this situation did something illegal. (hint: it's not the truck driver. that whole "stop for pedestrians in crosswalks" law only applies if you use the crosswalk.)