I've just got to give a little shout out to the fuckface police officer who pulled me over tonight on Macadam before the Sellwood bridge. What the hell? I realize that being a damn cop must be the worst job in the world, but I guess it's the best for arrogant, pig headed bully ego monsters like you. You pulled me over for no fucking reason at all besides your LO boredom. How do I know you pulled me over for no reason? Because your excuse was that I was swerving (weak, and no, I wasn't), and you let me go when you "got another call." You didn't even give me a warning.
Now if it seems like I'm the asshole here, just ranting about some cop giving me a free pass, let me assure you all that this prick accused me of drinking, and then when he smelled nothing on my breath, accused me of being high. Yes I was wearing a tie-dye shirt, and yes that is profiling. When I passed your three ridiculous impairment tests you had to scramble for a reason to stay superior to me and all you could come up with was "well you smell funny." That was neither protecting or serving, that was insulting. I was coming off a respectable 12 hour work day and just trying to get to my girlfriend's. The bridge construction was already going to make me late, and then you had to add another poo patty on the shit sandwitch that was my night. You just fucking blow, rookie.