People still tag?!
So you come in to where I work, a small local business that people put hard work and money into, and in a few seconds you scribble your shitty tag on the wall. For what? There are five drunk dudes who might glance at it while they're pissing and not give a fuck about it because they're just there to get laid anyway. Some underpaid sucker like me is going to have to spend the time and the businesses resources the next day to remove your illegible scribble and repaint the wall, wanting to spray the toxic graffiti remover in your eyes.
How about learning how to make worthwhile art? Something that matters? Get some actual skills. Learn to paint. Find a train car and take some time to put up a worthwhile piece. Whatever, just put some goddamn effort into it. That's how the real shit gets made. Being able to buy a paint marker and sign your name doesn't make you creative. If you're old enough to be able to get into a bar, you should have moved on to something better by now.