Several weeks ago(a month?), we started fooling around a little. Making out, dry humping, nipple play etc.

Well, on my own time and in my mind, I kept that session going. I got soo excited about how We were probably going to screw real soon, that I took full advantage of all that fodder and I went to town on myself, a little too much.

For a moment, I didn't realize what was up with all that chaffing on my pecker. I hurriedly tried to "fix" it as we were about to finally fuck and I did not want to mess this up.
But I did and i fucking blew it. That chapped dick is the reason i didn't come over that night or the next after your sexy texts.

Well, my dick is healed but your feeling of rejection probably isn't as you haven't returned my texts lately. Hopefully, one day we will be together. Then I will gladly tell you of all this.