You fucking yuppie pieces of shit. 32 oz Yogurt cases are sold by the 6 pack. When you get on your hands and knees to find the better dates, I really want to earfuck you as you are working a lost cause.
Date digging never works. Want to grab the yogurt 3 deep because if it might have better dates and it might be colder?! Is that you and your theory? Check the dates!? They are the same you dumb fuck.

I see you assholes doing this same thing with eggs too! What. The. Fuck? They expire in 5 weeks! Yet you touch, caress and treat them like some sort of weird offspring. You are gonna fucking scramble(ruin) those bitches anyway.

Look, I'd expect that from some shitstained toilet sitting asshole from Freddie's but these dates are awesome, these eggs are not cracked and you are fucking trippin. Wait here, I'll pack your trip bags.