Potato Leek Soup


You two deserve each other.
While technically anonymous, I'm willing to be the subject of this post probably could identify the poster.
Portland hates you too, IAnon. Go back to Harve de Grace.
Dude, stop saying my name every 5 paragraphs. We get it.
"screaming ill-convictions of my private life"

Year-long breakup? Sounds like some co dependent bullshit. Break ups should only last as long as it takes for one person to say "it's over."
You sound like a winner. I'm sure you won't be single for long.
You tolerate him (i'm assuming he's a 'he', of course) giving you a shiner, no problem, but you draw the line at him stomping on a rose bush?!

Please, both of you, get yourselves sterilized A.S.A.P. -- the last thing this city/world needs is for you two to procreate, with or without each other's help. Deep down you know this to be true. It's the best thing for all of us. Do the right thing.

Also, please don't vote.
Sounds like you're ready for your 15 minutes on Jerry Springer
I love leeks! Really!
Got one comment claiming this post could be identified by subject (no shit), and another comment assuming this was a heterosexual partnership. Havre de Grace?... What do ya'll do all fug'n day? I've lived in ptown 12yrs, this is my first IAnon ever... please leave more, um... "colorful" comments, cuz this shits boring. Thanks for the leeks high-five tho!
^^^um, again some one does not grasp the "anonymous" aspect of this.
Ps I do really like leeks though, especially with wild rice,and salmon. Um Um Um bitches!
Now we're cooking! I wonder how many of those dislikes for my last comment came from all the Jon Gottmans that left their half-nut jizz stain of an excuse for a comment previously (I didn't even bother rating, why?) It's a 300 word story, keep your 'assessments' to your over-educated selves. As for anonymity, eh, perhaps I wanted to be out-loud, warn the world, make one or two specific a-holes cringe. Perhaps I also wanted to sing the tune of changing times in regard to marijuana - no longer will our activities bind us in fear of exposure and restrict our rights to express our concerns. *spark*