Hey motherfucker, how you doing today? Oh, your head hurts? That's too bad. I cannot begin to express the immense joy that I felt when I got to see you fall on your grumpy assface after you got out of the bus. I wanted to stand up and point and laugh and tell everybody on the bus how much you deserved to be left lying on the sidewalk. I've hated you since that time you told that kid visiting our fair city from another land that we speak English in America and watched you physically push another man away from because he was standing too close to you on a crowded bus that you chose to get on. As if the 15 didn't come every ten minutes. Now I know you're just a miserable drunk. And you know what? I love me some miserable drunks, but you sir, are a piece of shit. Next time do us all a favor and just walk the 20 minutes to your stop. If you don't feel like walking, then maybe you could just jump off the Morrison. Just like the other day, nobody will rush to help you.