I'm sorry I fucked up your life, such as it was, 25 years ago. But the most fucked up thing I can imagine is that your are still living in that moment, unable to move past it and get on with your sad, addicted shithole of a life. Dredging up the past and delivering it to my coworkers in little anonymous envelopes? Seriously fucked up. I made the decision NOT to be the asshole who fucked up ALL the time a long time ago. I don't spend my days mentioning you on the interwebs or even considering your miserable existence. Get over it and get on with it. I doubt your friends want to hear about a 25-year-old excuse and certainly nobody else does. And if you're waiting for ME to explode in mid-air and destroy my job, my home and my family? Don't hold your breath. Or do. Works either way.