You are one of my favorite bus drivers. I love it when the bus pulls up and you are behind the wheel. You brighten my day and put me in a good mood, and you make the ride an enjoyable one. Everybody loves you. Which is why what happened today depresses the fuck out of me. The bus pulled up and I was excited when I saw it was you—but you weren't in the usual jolly mood. I figured you were just having a bad day but didn't want to bother you about it so I went and found my seat and pulled out my book to study. As we pulled up to the stop where I get off, another passenger ran in front of me to the backdoor. The green exit light lit up, and I turned to smile and wave good-bye to you, when the passenger in front of me out of nowhere lets loose and starts yelling. "FUUUUCK YOOOOU N**GG*R!" and exits the bus. In shock, I just stare at the door, while the people behind me press to get off. Dumbfounded and barely able to push the doors open, I step off to see the racist asshole yelling at you through the front door. I'm a little woman, barely 5'2 and socially conditioned to stay out of trouble, so all I can do is stare as this guy continues his tirade of racist bullshit. As you pulled away, he stalked off down the street and repeatedly flipped you off. Not one person did anything about it, myself included. Nobody deserves for something like that to happen to them, but you deserve it least of all. I change routes tomorrow and won't see you for months, but I hope you're okay.