I get that everybody has a "Smart-Phone" but me. I just don't follow the herd to job loss by buying into the first device ever, made in Communist China that takes out jobs here in the USA. After my music industry job loss (downloads), my Travel Agent friends' job loss (Expedia), U-scan took out cashiers, E-mail takes post office jobs and online billpay takes envelopes jobs. Then there is my familys' printshop which produced cookbooks which went to sugarcookie.com and broccolicasserole.net. Paper maps are on GPS. don't forget Borders and Barnes and Noble and the jobs the Nooks and Kindles took out. People wonder where the jobs went while you eliminated many jobs by using the Carried Communications Device to get something online or obtain it for "free" that used to support a job. My friends in Law lost jobs because of Legal-Zoom, my neighbor the piano teacher lost her job from pianotutorials.com Now, I'll get you back, I bought an electric car. Might not be the same group that fucked me over; but that guy that installs mufflers? Fu-Q, I'll never buy a muffler. The fuel pump, radiator hoses, oil changes and sparkplugs I'll never buy from you? Fu-Q. I'll never pay for the power either because I've already found I can plug in for free at Kohls, Freddies, businesses that incentivize the plug-in drivers to park-n-charge at their stores. I drove 110 miles Saturday, free. You blew it when you didn't use the device to access Madeinusaforever.com or Allamericanclothing.co Fu-Q