You can take your time picking one, you’ve probably got all fucking day to do it because you have no fucking job. Not only do you have no job, but your currently a lethargic waste, collecting food stamps with a warrant under your belt from a duii 2 years ago, and mooching at my best friend’s house.

Now, under normal circumstances, none of this would bother me. Your level of laziness wouldn’t be an emotion that’s TAKEN OVER MY WHOLE FUCKING BODY. But, 4/15/2013 is right around the corner, and I just filed my taxes. Lucky me, I owe to the state of Oregon $620.00 (which I don’t have a problem paying). The part that sickens me to my bones, is that your worthless ass, gets to sit back and free load off the government collecting welfare, while you refuse to take care of your past, so you can get a fucking job and be a part of civilization again. I, on the other hand, get to watch you pass around your EBT card like a crack pipe to those who don’t fucking need to use it, but use it anyways.

I don’t know when you get shit up loaded to your card Quim Princess, but I’m sure that over the next few months my $620.00 will be accounted for.

I would consider paying my 5 yr to kick you in the vagina.