I've had some bad landlords, back in college. But no landlord was ever as bad as you. You've had more tenantroommmates in the last four years than herpes sores between your legs (which is a lot, I might add), and you screwed over your ex-tenants one too many times. You were so mad at one of your tenants (who you had a crush on) for banging one of our other roommates, you evicted both of them. Even though I was nice to you, you fucked me over too. You are a bully who will be dealt with accordingly within the law. Not only am I going to sue your ass, but I am going to get you arrested for fraud and tax cheating. I have the paper work and I am going to make sure that you get charged with fraud before I sue your ass. You've bullied a lot of people during the time I've known you. Then you tried to bully me. That was your biggest mistake of your lifetime. I promise you this, you will be someone's tenant very soon. Cheers!