Thank you, Portland. Not only have you made the past year amazingly awesome, now I can tell all my friends and family back in BFE, NV how safe it is here too. Although I was a wee bit irritated that I couldn't find a decent parking spot by the Doug Fir (shocking, I know) I returned to my car five hours later and was filled with gratitude and relief.

You see, I have very dark tinted windows. It's a lot sunnier southeast of these parts and I haven't had the time or cash to change them since I moved here just a year ago. While trying to park, I rolled down one of the back windows to see how far I was from the curb. I promptly forgot to roll it back up and left my 2010 Camry and all it's belongings free for the taking...including a butt ton of booze in the backseat that had been recently procured at a going-out-of-business liquor store.

My shaky faith in humanity is not completely restored, but I feel a little bit better knowing there are still good people out there.