So far the city has collected about 20% of the projected total of the Arts Tax. You'd think with almost 60% of citizens voting yes for this the money would be overflowing at City Hall, but nope.

I like how the "typical" Portland citizen gets all excited over any tax scheme like this on the ballot (feel good for the children type bullshit) but when it comes time to pass the hat for the keg, they've conveniently slipped off to the bathroom.

I've heard a lot of grumblings about how it's regressive and this-and-that. Christ, cut down on your cigarette intake and buy a few less PBRs and you've covered the entire tax cost. I know, it's hard, it means making a first-world sacrifice.

Just something I've noticed about the so called progressive denizens of Portland and Oregon. Same thing happened when it came to increasing beer taxes a few years back. "No way man, I drink beer this is bullshit!" People whined and moaned, and then decided it was easier to make rich people pay all of the taxes around here.

It's all good with someone else paying the taxes. I'm not even rich and would hardly consider myself conservative in today's use of the word, but a decent portion of the progressive-until-it-impacts-them types running around might as well be nothing more than the Tea Party. At least grasp the bigger picture: someone's got to pay for the stuff we're spending money on, you could at least contribute.

Fuckin' cheap skate hypocrites. Pay up assholes, you voted for it.