Portland Tea Party Express


Tax is due May 15. I think I'll pay on May 15. When it's due.
People are only progressive when they think it's free for them. When they realize someone else isn't going to pick up the tab and they have to put their wallet where their mouth is = true comedy. I wish I could see the look on these broke Etsy bums' faces when they're told they have to pay the tax. Classic Portland.
I don't know what fucking planet you live on but 35 dollars is a trip to the grocery store. I really don't see how this is any different from a poll or head tax. There is also little evidence provided by the city council and the "revenue department" as to how these funds will be used. I'm imagining a bunch of shit I can't afford to attend anyway.
Uh oh. Looks like the Oregonlive comment section diaper got filled up, and its seeping over and dripping into this place. The tax isn't even due yet, you fucking toolbag. And if your ideology is what I'm guessing it is, taxes are evil, are literally rotting the entire country inside out, and not paying them is akin to the highest form of patriotism. In other words, your respect and admiration for the art tax scofflaws should supersede your petty, dipshit jabs and 'hypocrite' claims.

But that's never how it is. Fiscal conservatives will throw their own perceived tax 'contributions' in your face every chance they get, and then with the other hand insult you for not getting taxed as much as they are. 'Look at ME! I pay ma TAXES, godamnit! Unlike you libruls who just sit around and eat microwave burritos with your food stamp money!'
Where's the consistency, morons?

Go jack off to a Reagan poster.
I'm not paying it and I hope your kids stop making art and start thinking about working for a living. May I suggest dentistry? I hear the poor widdul powtland chiddren's got ouchie ouchie cabitees.


For the first time in my life I'm rooting for Bojack. (SEE WHAT YOU DID, ARTS TAX?) It'll get struck down in court as a head tax and I'll make for fucking certain never to vote for any kind of feel good garbage like this ever again in this town (even if seems like less a of a clusterfuck next time).

If they hadn't put it on the same ballot as the presidential jerkoff-fest (speaking of feel-good idiocy) it never would have passed. Proof that if you want dumbshits who don't read what they're voting on to come out of the woodwork, put it on the ballot along side a big national ticket.
Ars longa kvetcha brevis.
No, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna kvetcha every time I see something about this tax (which I voted against, thanks, and I'm more commie-leaning than most). Especially since most of the ars this tax is gonna fund is the "snooty white people" kind that already has all the money it needs.

I wonder what happens if you don't pay the tax. Just give 'em the fucking finger. Does the Hales Administration have the stones to send one of its decorated officers to shoot me in the back like a mentally ill person, or is this all a big bluff?
What a goddamned nightmare. Just when I thought that I had managed to dodge every clipboard toting hero in Portland, I saw the art tax. And I knew I was fucked. I knew between oblivion, illiteracy, a handful of well to-do folks, and my lack of PETA karma that it was going to pass. Sneaky fucks.

It's okay though, I'm still not going to pay it.
Chunty is right on. Anything that brings you into agreement with that twat Bogdanski has to be some messed up stuff. It's just one more pile of crap from Sam that we'll be cleaning up for the next few years.
Actually, ~25% of residents voted yes, and around ~15% voted no on the arts tax - about 40% of residents voted - which is a little different than citizens, but not much.

My wife and I both voted no and have both paid it already (unhappily). Same with my co-workers - all voted no - all already paid. So, it will be interesting to see how many pay up by the 15th of May if only 20% have paid so far.
Remember when Mommy was so mean and unfair to us that one time, and we went to our rooms stomping our feet and mumbling under our breath how we wished we were never born? Life is so hard and tragic sometimes, I know, and the fact that this tax is going to cut in to your overpriced-daily-coffee-in-a-disposable-cup fund is equally as tragic. Hello??! ACLU?? The Hague?? WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS WHEN WE NEED YOU?!??!

Anyway, as far as that 20% figure goes, I think a good chunk of the folks that aren't a part of that number can justifiably (not really, but close enough) claim ignorance -- plenty of households never received any kind of notification in the mail and *still* haven't -- if they don't follow the news, they wouldn't know anything about any of this.

And @ Chris Bergsten: Yeah, that's exactly what they'll do to those of you who don't pay. Way to keep your head in the game and out of your ass. However, if somehow you're wrong and are not shot in your mentally ill back, you'll simply be fined and eventually they'll just get it via your state taxes. But yeah,"give 'em the fucking finger", brah!!
I'm not paying. I'm still waiting to find out how they intend to track down people who have had income, where they live, how many per house, etc. I'll wait for the court case to resolve, and pay the late fee if I have to.
It's an amazing law that brings people together like this. When I agree with both Blabby and BoJack, seriously... What the fuck?
Basically, one person per household can pay. Probably whoever is the hook for the water and sewer scam. If you aren't on a water bill, or own a house, I would encourage you not to pay this illegal tax

Unless you think giving people money just 'cuz is fun. Then I guess it's like some kind of really lame kickstarter campaign.
You're talking to the American people. You know, the people who procrastinate so hard on their federal taxes every year they cause Turbotax to crash? It'll get paid May 15 at the very last minute same as everything else in this country.
I want to see two figures:
1. The amount of money that ends up getting spent per person to collect a $35 tax, and
2. The amount of money people end up spending in legal fees due to refusal to pay a $35 tax.
On my way home I saw a bus stop ad about another levy marketed as benefiting children that's going to be in the next election. Does it ever end?
As long as there are humans, it will never end.
this is the first i've heard of this.
pork chop. No, it never ends. They hit you in rotation with new tax measures. First schools. Then parks. Then the library. Then firefighters. Then the choo choo. Then the kids again. Every two years, taxes are ratcheted up like clockwork. They don't even hide it. Politicians will tell the newspaper: "we can't do the parks levy this year, because the school bond is on the ballot, so we'll do parks next year." We are milk cows to them.

That's why I'm just a blanket "no" now. I've been a property owner here too long now, and I can't just raise my rate every year.

Do you all know that next month we have an election? That's right. Among other things, we're voting on extending the local "children's levy" another five years, and a brand spanking new levy for Metro.

Why does Metro need money? Because they got previous levies passed to buy a bunch of open space (much of which is actually outside of Metro's boundaries), but for some reason couldn't foresee that they would need money to own and maintain that space over the long run. So now they need more money to maintain the land they bought. Now, do you think Metro really could not foresee this? Or was Metro counting on the fact that our idiotic voters would simply give them more money when they came back and asked for it, because Portland voters are too fucking stupid and bleeding heart to say "no" to anything?
Screw all of you, NONE of you came to see my musical "Hello Dali.......Lama" starring Alan Thicke...I pay nothing! Nothing! See you at middle earth tuesday, bitches!
Damn straight Blabby!