How long is it going to take for more than just me to realize there are too many people here? I'm just sayin', somebody has to help explain the thinking that every ejaculation is supposed to be born, make a living here, eat, drink and drive a car for the entire 80 years you're on the planet. Can't we learn from China, Philippines, India, very crowded countries that its impossible to breed yourself into prosperity? An American familys' chances of economic stability is negatively affected exponentially by each new child. I told my one only daughter that she has no brothers and sisters because, to make THAT idea work, I'd have to have two boys and two girls so everybody could have a brother and a sister. I hear all the time from environmentalists, I'm obviously one- that they want to save the world and put up wind turbines and buy a LEAF. Ask them how many kids and they say, "Oh, I have 5 children" WTF? My kid gets 200% parenting from two parents. If theres two kids- 100% parenting each and three kids takes it down to 66% parent per child. See? 315 million here in America. We did better in the 70's or 80's with 200 million, who thinks the extra people helps anything? We have 30 million unemployed, theres been that many abortions since Row v. Wade, what if all those extra people were here? How many poor people does that make? Utah leads the way in bankruptcies and multi-child families. Big families get excoriated when the economy burps. Get ready, its getting worse.