I cannot believe what I hear out of the mouths of Portlanders/Oregonians. I understand people pick different words, have altered dialect/intonations, but to lose tense altogether? I saw a package in my shipping dept. labeled: "This Box Needs Shipped", so I scribbled over it, "This box needs TO BE shipped", its still here- shipped is past tense so it either needs to be shipped or has been shipped, but here it is. Then someone told me their house 'needs painted'. The house has either been painted or needs to be painted, but it cannot 'needs painted'. I've heard motorsickle, crick, car needs warshed. Cycle, creek, wash, damn. Is this what happens when libraries get underfunded? Nobody in the group that heard 'I'm orientated' even corrected the guy. Attending an orientation means you meet to be told, steered, centered. To orientate is to get that information, orientation already happened, its past tense. I'm Canadian and I may yelp out "Eh?", or be all inclusive when I say, "All ya'll" or a group of men and women I may call "You guys", but I never 'needs spoke'. If it already came out of your mouth its spoken. If you haven't said it yet, it needs to be spoken. I came here in 1989, thinking all the smarter people came West in search of the place where its not screwed up yet. Is it Medford these people needs go to? WOW, the dumbassification of America is scary.