You deserved to get shit-canned. Making it impossible to contact the actual rental company. Literally botching evictions and just letting the crazy tweekers stay. Renting out larger apartments and townhomes out to your family and friends, and then putting all the crackheads and poor folk on the other side of the complex. You didn't even run backround checks on the newer tenants. I saw someone breaking up crack rocks through their window just walking by.
I live in a slum. You were a slumlord and I hope they press charges for the money you "allegedly" pocketed. Because I work my ass off to pay for this shitbox until I can get out of debt and out of here. You and you're little trophy girlfriend can GTFO. And HA HA, you're even going to be banned from the property, you unprofessional thieving fuck. Guess family functions will be strained now fucker!