Why is the cleanliness in the kitchen controlled by the person that wants the kitchen the cleanest and the activities in the bedroom controlled by the person that wants it the least? I've heard, "Sometimes I just don't want anything up me." Men have one mood every day. When I bought a new car, I want to bang the wife, when I had pneumonia, I want to tap the lady, when my Dad got hit by a car as a pedestrian, I want to taste it. Wrecked the car? Lost a job? Thats right, lets get it on. Women reward staying single, by making it harder to get sex in marriage. The joke is: What the one food that stops women from having sex? Wedding Cake! Theres more sex outside marriage, but that's not why I'm writing, I found a fact. McCain has 6 kids, Palin has 7 kids, Mitz Romney has 5 sons. Paul Ryan? 6. W. had two, and all other overbreeders are Republicans. Leading by example, a picture is worth a thousand words but an example is worth a thousand pictures. Republicans want to reduce abortion rights, that makes more people competing with those already here. Duh. Clinton had one child, Obama, two, Carter had the one, Amy. Remember? How are we supposed to stabilize the population, get jobs, food, transportation for everybody when theres more and more people? 14-year olds are going to work in 4 years, the 18 year olds should be going to work now. 6 year-olds have 12 years for the economy to get fixed so they can get a job. The downturn is 5 years old now. Do the math. Plan the baby.