I Agree With Vagina Rant


I don't know what the fuck you just said but if you make it 6 lines in you should really consider hitting the enter key at some point.
Just go jerk off you twit
By "I Agree With Vagina Rant", did you mean that you agreed with someone else's rant about Vagina, or that you agreed with a rant posted BY a Vagina?

Clarity is important in titling.
Your father got hit by a car, and it made you horny? You might've had a winning rant if you'd focused more on that fun fact.
The amount of sex is controlled by the least interested party, because if only one party is interested, it's pretty much just rape. Yes, even if you're married. Having sex that you don't want is actually a lot worse that not getting the sex you do want.

Get over it. It's not like god is actually going to punish you for masturbating.
God, reading that just gave me a headache.
"Leading by example, a picture is worth a thousand words but an example is worth a thousand pictures."


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That made perfect sense after smoking a lot of weed.
It is my understanding that whites are having less and less kids, while the hispanic population is booming.
Does that mean Hispanics are Republicans by your logic?
No, it means married women need to fuck more! Plain and simple!

Married Ladies: News flash,.... orgasms are free!
Its feels kinda like since this info is free, that i'm related to Criss Angel and shit!
The penis has said its peace, and we ladies, ARE DOING IT WRONG! (You married your best friend yo, give him a blow job for fucks sakes) smh!
I really wish they would censor IA to only those that actually make sense.
Jesus, I hate almost every comment Stephoknee makes. Like virulently hate it.
either hold a position of power or lose some fucking weight and shave your back, then your wife might want to fuck you, asshole.