To the fuckers on my left and right (and behind). Check it out. I got ants. Fucking bad. Not sure if you do or not but here it goes: bitch ass hipsters in the rental on my left and fucked ass yuppies on my right.

Check it out. I'm redirecting like 6 or more colonies to both your houses. Why? It's the cheapest method the do-it-yourself pest control advocates.

Really, why? Fuckers on the left? Fuck you and your rental shit/problems. Stop it with the 3 am porch chatting, smoking, puking, burping and mow that lawn.

Fuckers on the right. Vote more correctly and smartly.

In the meantime, here comes a shit-ton of ants. Pheromes are on my side for a change and you bitches are about to get swarmed.....