Because We’re Never Going to Make Love One Day


I always ask for an end booth when I need to have "the chlamydia chat."
Maybe it's just cause I'm a straight baller who makes it rain 24/7, but I don't think $15+ is an outrageous tip. Hell I'll tip 50% if the server is mega kickass, so maybe (despite you being annoyed by their conversation) they found you to be a great server?
I bet this person didn't realize how well everybody could hear them, became extremely embarrassed when alerted to that fact, and then left quite a large tip as an apology and/or because they were too ashamed to wait for any change.

Anyway, @ j.cas:

$40 for a $23.25 tab is a lot more than the 50% (it's more like 75%) you claim to rain upon your mega kickass servers in all of your straight-baller-esness, bro.

75%!! -- That's like adding 50% of your 50% tip to your 50% tip, baller! Shheeeeeeeit! Tipping at that percentage would be more like HAIL falling on all those bitches, man!
Hail? That's some fuckin fimbulvinter shit.

Sheeeeeeeit indeed!
human in training:

"what he said to you that made you leave $40 on a $23.25 tab and walk out leaving the rest as a tip."

"leaving the rest as a tip". She only left 40 total, 23.25 for the tab, the rest for the tip. I've tipped more because they call me Matt Zafino when I enter the clubs, bitches recognize the storm front when I roll up in my candy chrome Caddy. They see me rollin, they downvotin'
j.cas - No no, do the math. The difference was $16.75, which is about 72%. You might be overtipping more than you think...
I'm engaging in what I refer to as Smoke Weed All Day Mondays, and have been approaching this as: $16.75 of $40 is less than 50%. I understand what you're saying (the common and widely used tip/percentage) but tipping a 20 on top of a 23 dollar meal isn't that outrageous to me, you can call it a 100% tip I guess but that just seems like showboating for attention. So I'm a bit more humble, consider the bill $40 and half that was the tip, therefore it's just a 50% tip. I walk in the restaurant and the whole staff recognizes the forecast has changed, 100% likelihood of showers. Zafino feasts like a king.
this whole thread is only funny because human in training said 'bro' and ForWhomTheBellTrolls said 'Sheeeeeeeit.'
Your guys (or ladies) math skills are off the hook! lol

Make it rain, not hail. Make love, not std's. Same fucking thing!! lmao (alright, alright... Portland is WEIRD! Bitches.)
Pretty sure IA just submitted the back-of-box description from the "Girls" season 1 DVD
Also, if Matt makes it rain, he has two 'f's' in his name. it's 82* outside, he did predict it. Google his name right. "BUSTED" lol
You must be new to the meteorology game, son. I make it rain in broad daylight, Zafino always leaves his 2nd f in the double rainbow, leprechaun gold, keep a different kinda green in my pot.
trolling? ^ lol
I'm here to say Matt Zaffino is a punk.

Case in point-

Eastmoreland Golf Course 1994

Matt Zaffino goes all Judge Smails (Know your caddyshack) on the practice green just because somebody cracks wise about the lack of sunshine.

Zaffino is not dope.
J.Cas - Oh, I see. I hadn't realized that math was an opinion based process.
Zaffino always scores the best weed tho