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Yeah, I don't think we've worked through this subject enough yet, LET'S GO!
Yeah, that post was actually over two weeks ago, and didn't mention the man saying anything at all. Have you really been worrying about this for so long?

For the record, I (a lady, in the loosest possible sense of the word) will hold the door for anyone who is within a few steps of the door. I will not stand there holding/blocking a door for someone who is 30 feet away and for all I know not actually trying to get into the same building as me.

There. Done. Leave it.
Ugh, common courtesy turned into an ugly useless series of threads.

Sometimes people are just being NICE. I enjoy it.
Always notice those creepers holding the door open for way too long. I see it as a power trip and as a way for them to check out asses and tits in addition to some cheesy come-on.

But it's been going on since doors were getting made more often, so fuck this post.
First it was men are evil because they shouldn't walk within 20 feet behind a woman on the sidewalk, now it's men are evil because they have the audacity to hold the door (PROBABLY SO THEY CAN RAPE YOU IN THE SAFEWAY ENTRANCE, NO DOUBT!)

Truth time.

To all the women with men issues and shitty choices in men (the two typically go hand in hand) who, therefore, think the worst of the male race: some of us were raised by awesome moms who instilled something in us called manners. And even though it's not "cool" in Portland (I guess it's cooler to be a jaded retard with a 24/7 slackjaw and a drinking problem), some guys still do mind their manners - and holding the door is one of those things many of us were taught. That your cancerous view of men in your brain translates it as "omg you OBVIOUSLY just want to stare at my ass" shows how much YOU objectify yourself, not the other way around. Stop projecting and be happy that people are trying to be kind to you without trying to turn them into misogynist assholes because it fits what you WANT to think.

"Ladies always complain that chivalry is dead. Chivalry IS dead, and women killed it." - Lord
Dave Chappelle
Some people are so weak that they need help with doors, like people in wheelchairs and whatnot.
Today, I held a door open for a woman. She was coming in, I was leaving. If I'd charged through the door, I would have run into her. So I held the door open for her, which caused her to roll her eyes.

But here's the thing: she's a stranger whose opinion I don't really give a shit about, so it's not going to ruin my life that she failed to appreciate that I was just being polite, not questioning her skill level.
I realize it's a bit late to be saying this, as I've already engaged, but I'm not happy about this trend of I,As responding to other I,As. It's bad enough that most people complain about the same tired crap unintentionally. If you missed your chance to get your two cents in before the comments were closed, it's your own fault for having had enough of a life to not see it for two weeks. These posts should get zero comments because we already had this entire conversation. My fellow trolls, let us cease to indulge this bullshit.
Bro! I can't wait 'til the next Last Thursday!!!