I'm sorry that you didn't approve of us standing up during the show. You might have noticed the guy sitting in front of us with the 'fro. We couldn't see over the top of it and rock clubs typically don't offer booster seats. Since you were far more interested in chatting with one another instead of anything happening on the stage, I don't understand why you were so annoyed by us slightly obstructing your view of it. Furthermore, instead of making snide remarks under your breath every two minutes, maybe you could have politely tapped us on the shoulder and we could have discussed this.

But instead of behaving like adults, you decided to stew in a pool of passive-aggressive bitterness until it bubbled up and inspired you to dump beer on our seats. I'm sure you were thinking to yourself, "Hee...hee...hee... They've gotta sit down sometime and, when they do, they're going to get soaked." Alas, your cunning ruse didn't work, primarily because you didn't hatch it until five minutes prior to the encore. We remained standing during the rest of the performance and our bums remained wonderfully dry and free of your backwash. Huzzah!

PS: You missed a heckuva good show. I hope the 30 bucks you paid to stand in the balcony and chat instead of just going to a bar to shoot the shit was totally worth it.