Hey fair weather bike commuter: you have every right to ride your bike when the weather is nice. Just because I am also on a bike during commute hours, however, doesn't mean we part of some special club, or I am your friend, or that I wish to speak to you. The majority of you are a hazard and you are oh so easy to spot from a distance: knees akimbo and weaving, panting, pasty flesh, muffin top/gut/fat ass, squeaky bike or $2000 hardly used bike, riding on the wrong side Hawthorn Bridge (just this morning) at 8 am, and never signaling. I am trying to get to work/home and find a place to park my bike and reminiscing about about riding to work in the snow when it was paradoxically, because of you, a safer commute. Go talk to super spandex dude and pay fucking attention.